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DeeJay DeRego

DeeJay is a poet and storyteller from Juneau, AK. An avid lover of the shapes people are able to make when their intent flirts with the humming of their hearts. Maybe you’ve seen him on Tinder writing flirty haiku, maybe you’ve found one of the many poems he’s hidden around his rainy little seaside city, or maybe you’ve been to the Woosh Kinaadeiyi open mic, regardless he is happy to be found anywhere.

Said the Spirit to the Breath



 said the spirit to the breath


replied the breath who hadn’t noticed them at all

“We’ve met before” 

responded spirit, a sudden coyness in their grin


“Ah yes, I think recall your shape from once before

Perhaps in the passing of a party

Where I swung pinata proud

Where I swang and danced so haughty

Was that your figure in the crowd 

Oh the sights you must have seen of me 

Making family out of strangers 

Often laughing till we cried”


“Not quite, dear breath

You see I know you better still… “ 


And Breath continued anxiously 

steady gawking in his awe 

But replaced it quick with grinning 

A sudden swelling of his chest

“Perhaps we met in Thailand?

Where I looked and felt and was my best 

making challengers of all 

Did you know me from my pedestal 

Where I stood magnificent and tall 


Or was your figure standing over me

On the beaches where I bled 

And pined and ached and wished for home” 


Spirit only shook his head 


“Then I know your handsome shadow

Beside my lovers shaking bed

Do you recall the night they left me

And the void I’d thought they’d leave 

Trading substance and respect 

For the seductiveness of need

Did you find me weeping loudly 

As if a foghorn into night 

Say, was it you that gave me light

And if not 

My friend regale me

Where exactly had we met?”


After a long and sacred quiet

Spirit softly spoke to breath 


“In fact, my friend I’ve known you

From the beginning of it all 

I’ve called you many times my dear 

By your true and loudest name 

But you mistook the sound for howling 

Or the dancing of the rain 

Which is to be expected 

Since all these things are just the same 

We are connected evenly 

You and I and all of them 

The crumbs of light inside you 

Were once and always mine  

Your first steps were mine as well

I’ve shared everything with you. 

The joy, the love, the loss, the pain, 

Your lowest and your best 

Burning on and knowing rest 

Giving more and more and more and more 

While hardly ever saving less 

We’re both the gutter and the grace, you see 

Every part of me is we 

I’ve laid myself beside you friend 

Under gravity’s heavy handed hold 

Then bowed my head beside you 

In the humble hallowed halls of of hope 

I’ve loved you every minute

So let me give you all I have 

That sacred set single open invitation 

The sacred melody your heart is always humming 

We are beings of becoming 

We are never far removed


And if some way we are, my love 

I will meet you center still 


And finally and always 

Breath and Spirit sang as one 

Let’s Shake like trees together 

Buzzing like bees together 

We’ll be the breeze together 


Blowing by 

             Blowing by 

                           Blowing by

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