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Editor’s Note

Raincheck Art Magazine began while I was at lunch with Marian Call.

I moved to Juneau a year ago as part of the Alaska Fellows Program, where I completed a fellowship at the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council. As a result, I got to know Pat Race, wearer of many hats, who serves as the fellowship coordinator. Pat makes time for anyone, despite his many obligations and projects. Connecting with him was my first look into the power and generosity of Juneau’s artistic community. My second week in town, I stopped by Kindred Post on a rainy afternoon. After a short conversation, NaMee Eriksen connected me with a playwriting workshop at Perseverance Theater. Through NaMee and Pat, I was able to meet MK McNaughton, who graciously invited me to model for her class. I met Frank Katasse, who made time to get coffee with me and talk about theater and art in town. None of these people knew me, really, and yet they were all willing to make time and create space for me to become a part of this artistic community. In the past year of living here, that kind of generosity has yet to stop.

Juneau’s vibrant art scene is not only brimming with immense talent, it is full of deep dedication, investment, and history. Here, we hold each other, we support each others’ work, we call each other out and in, and we learn. I am constantly learning from the artists, activists, and business owners of Juneau. I am constantly learning from Tlingit friends and community members, rightful keepers of this land. I am grateful and humbled to live in and learn from a community with an artistic history stretching back to time immemorial.

Raincheck is a love letter to the city of Juneau and to the complex, wonderful art that is made for and by the people of Southeast. It is a pilot project running November 1 through April 1. Our mission is to produce stories and content that get to the heart of what makes art happen: people and their connection to the land and to each other.

Raincheck finds its purpose in showcasing a multitude of voices. It is community-centered and collaborative. Each week, you can find creative content from different artists, interviews with local artists (watch out for the podcast version of this, coming soon!), and an art guide of upcoming events curated by our team. We will drop weekly podcast and account recommendations as well; in the age of social media, I feel particularly lucky to have access to the work of different scholars, artists and activists. I hope it will be a space for us to connect with the artists behind the work, to learn from and uphold perspectives central to Southeast Alaska, and to stay connected with the events happening in town.

Thanks for journeying with us! We can’t do it without you.
With warmth and gratitude,
Lillian Odekirk

Meet Our Team

Lillian Odekirk
~Managing Editor and Founder~
Lillian Odekirk is a teaching artist, actor, and writer who originally hails from the hills of West Virginia and now makes her home in Juneau. She holds a dual-degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies from Wellesley College. Lily has worked for performing and visual artist Jeanette Ehlers in Copenhagen and at The Magnet Theatre in Cape Town. In Juneau, she has had the privilege to work in several different artistic spaces, including the JAHC, Juneau Jazz and Classics Festival, Perseverance Theatre, Theatre in the Rough, and Kindred Post. Through these opportunities, one of her most meaningful experiences was organizing a week-long theatre program, in collaboration with the JAHC, Perseverance Theater, and Zach Gordon Youth Center, in which middle school girls told their own stories onstage. Her interests lie in community-driven and immersive theatre. Next month, you can see her onstage in Theatre In the Rough’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Kóot Xheech
~Assistant Editor~
Kóot Xheech is a Tlingit womxn from the Chookaneidi clan. Her father’s people are from the German and Norwegian nations. Kóot Xheech grew up in the small fishing community of Pelican. She has lived the last seven years on Áak’w and T’aaḵu ḵwáan land. As an advocate for equity, Kóot Xheech holds the following focuses: Alaska Native people, language revitalization, environmental sovereignty, the LGBTQ+ community, DV and SA prevention, harm reduction, womxn and youth empowerment, and rural Alaskan communities. Kóot Xheech’s second passion, after making tomorrow brighter for our future generations, is culinary arts of all sorts! Kóot Xheech now works for ANDVSA as the Prevention Coordinator in the Juneau office.


Erika Bergren
~Creative Content Manager~
Erika Eileen Bergren is a writer, artist, aerialist, and actress from Anchorage. She is also a Third Culture Kid, having grown up primarily in the Netherlands and Oman. Her international childhood has given her a deep appreciation for the arts and culture of all the places she calls home, including Alaska. In addition to working with Raincheck, she also serves as vice president of Woosh Kinaadeiyi, the local spoken word poetry non-profit in Juneau, and studies creative writing at UAS. She is a passionate creative and thrilled to use Raincheck as a platform to elevate the many works and voices of Juneau.

Ankur Kumar
~Website Developer~
Ankur Kumar is a web developer, bicycle-touring enthusiast, and photographer currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. He enjoys spending time in nature as much as on the web. Ankur visited Juneau this past spring (he and Lily are childhood best friends!) and fell in love with it.

Evan Hartung
~Site Photographer~
Evan Hartung is a photographer, fisherman, distiller, coffee connoisseur, and friend to many. Though raised primarily in Tulsa, OK, he was born in Fairbanks and makes his home in Juneau. You can find his work next month at Devil’s Club for First Friday!

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